Hey you! Wise One!

Are you a mentor, coach, healer, facilitator, artist, or herbalist who believes deep down that you are here on the planet to be part of the world becoming a better place?

Do you ever feel like you’re teaching it but you haven’t quite gotten it yourself? Get ready to connect with other Wise Ones as we restore ancestral wisdom and authentic expression.

Join the rEvolution for the recording of our free POWER-packed full day virtual retreat where you’ll learn:

▲ How to embody your teachings to lead by example

▲ Embrace your power to create change and build your tribe

▲ Trust your own guidance. Activate your intuition. Access the wisdom of your ancestors.

▲ Feel safe to GO BIG and join a community of like-minded and heart centered visionaries that will celebrate and support YOU!

A free replay of the day will be available after the event in case you can make it live, but you’ve gotta sign up!


Witness a free full day medicine circle, recorded live, with Wise One’s from different practices as they share:

▲ The messy experiences and vulnerable stories that gave them the courage to follow their soul’s path

▲ Experience a distance healing session

▲ Connect with other teachers, artists, healers, herbalists, coaches, and facilitators as you journey through the virtual gathering together and in a private online community

Wise Ones, its time for us to come together.

Join us for a one day online virtual gathering where you’ll be inspired by the sharing of loads of wisdom and experience healing. Let’s inspire, strengthen, help each other remember, and connect with one another. It’s virtual. It’s experiential. It’s FREE. It’s time for a rEvolution.

The Rising of the Wise One Council + Birthing The New Earth

It’s only works if we do it together.






Hilarity-bringer, life-lover, playologist.

I’m a teacher’s teacher, the healer’s healer. Since I was a child, stories say since before I could talk, I have been in love with singing, healing touch, and wisdom. Walking this world as a deeply intuitive, empathic, and loving person was not always easy.

In the face of numbing out, shutting down, or giving up, I gathered skills, teachings, and my own soul’s wisdom to emerge and continue to emerge. That’s what I call out of others. You — I am calling you out to be you. Because that’s the world I need, because that’s what the world needs.



Ayn has committed her life to writing — poetry, fiction and nonfiction — based on transformational experiences and her use and understanding of colors.

Ayn is able to make the ethereal tangible by providing accessible and simple ways to help any person discover their true self.

With a master’s degree in spiritual psychology and a doctorate in literature earned between Columbia University and King’s College London, Ayn has amassed a wealth of academic knowledge that perfectly complements her life’s passion and pursuit to help heal, strengthen and empower people all over the world.



Rev. Rhetta Morgan is the Interfaith Minister and Founder of Ecclesia Spiritual Center is an Interfaith Community.

We are a heart-centered path, with an emphasis on love, creative expression and spiritual practice.

We connect to the essence of being-ness through music, movement, wisdom sharing and other heart centered expressions.




I am a holistic, heart-centered life coach here to support you

~ express your authentic self
~ feel vibrant, alive and juicy in your body
~ enjoy fulfilling relationships
~ live your purpose
~ experience a deep connection with Nature and Spirit.

That’s what I call Yummy Living!

When you heal yourself and raise your vibration you do it for yourself and for the collective. That’s how we’re co-creating the New Earth!



Tigre Bailando is an artist and teacher working in the visual, performative, and ritual arts. Tigre utilizes maskwork, dance, fine art and ceremony to explore both personal and collective archetypal journeys. He builds sculptures, installations, and altars for public communion and has performed on stages and sidewalks around the world. Tigre Bailandohas taught transformational creation and performance methodologies to students ranging from preschool to professionals and strives to dissolve the boundaries between art, life, and spirit.



Once upon a time there was a girl who liked to play. For a while she followed the rules in the Game of Life. But her body knew better.

After ignoring many painful signs and witnessing other loved ones also suffer, she finally resolved to get unstuck. She reclaimed her feminine aliveness by embracing Pleasure as a priority. Now as Yummy, the Pleasure Priestess, she inspires and guides women to live in their sweet spot.



I practice Tibetan medicine and bodywork with a deep interest in reproductive health and serving people who may ordinarily get overlooked in the modern health care system.

My work is rooted in a spiritual ground of Tibetan Buddhist practice, and weaves together my love and total appreciation of clear lineage, earth-based healing, dance, poetry, voice, delicious food, wild adventure, body awareness, community, learning and fun. I look forward to knowing you!



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