We are excited to reach out and support more mentors, coaches, healers, facilitators, artists, and herbalists who know deep down that they are here on the planet to be part of the world becoming a better place.
This is a great opportunity to give your people access to Wise Ones who are getting vulnerable and opening the door to the inside space where healing happens. Secrets, forgiveness, perspective, play, and prayer. It’s going to get sacred.

Help us turn this event into a success and receive greatly while also sharing healing with other Wise Ones!

How It Works:

▲ 50% Commission for your direct referrals signing up for the Wise One Council Integration Package

▲ Additional 10% of any affiliates’ commission of any affiliate you refer to our affiliate program for this launch (without taking anything away from their commission)

▲ Directly support planetary healing: $20 from each sale will be donated to 350.org before the 50/50 split is made. 350.org is an incredible organization that does large scale events, public education, and grassroots work to help sustain a livable planet.

If this is your first time doing affiliate stuff, please remember to use the unique link that will be emailed to you when referring your people to the website or else we won’t be able to track your commission.

To become an affiliate for this program, please fill out the form below. Then you’ll be taken to your resources page and you’ll be sent an email (in about 5 minutes) with your unique affiliate link that will take your referrals to our wiseonecouncil.com opt in page:



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