Getting Ready and Prepared for the Day!

This is a full-day intensive; to get the most out of the day, we recommend getting yourself set up ahead of time.

Here’s whatcha need:

▲ A comfortable space — ideally a place you can lie down comfortably

▲ Speakers, head-phones or another way to listen to the audio easily

▲ A journal or notebook for contemplative, reflective time and jotting down any items you want to remember. Part of the day includes a healing and you’ll have space to journal afterwards

▲ Crayons, markers, paint or any other medium in addition to a pen

▲ A candle — either one that will last the whole day (8 hours), two tea-lights, or an object that represents to you the element of fire. Any candles or tea lights should be in a safe container (part of the day you’ll lay down and close your eyes for at least 20 minutes, and you don’t want to have to worry about setting anything aflame)

▲ Snacks and Beverages; There will be one longer meal break in the middle of the day, and mini breaks throughout the day. Take time to plan ahead so you have snacks when you want em’, and you have access to food for the longer meal break

Host or Join a local meet-up to experience the day in community with others!



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